UV/Vis Spectroscopy


SPEKOL 1300/1500 The little giant with great performance. The UV VIS spectrophotometers SPEKOL® 1300/1500 are single beam systems for the range of 190-1100 nm with an outstanding price-performance ratio. Robust in design, the instruments are compact, light and easy to use. A constant spectral bandwidth of 4 nm is maintained over the entire wavelength range. For the daily routine: High-resolution LCD-VGA screen providing superb images and easy operation. Water-proof touch-sensitive keyboard. Numerical backlit display (SPEKOL® 1300 ) or graphical backlit … Continue reading

Diode Array

SPECORD S 600/ S 300 Simultaneous high-performance diode-array spectrophotometer – precise, fast, simultaneous The UV VIS spectrophotometers SPECORD® S 600 and SPECORD® S 300 UV VIS or S 300 VIS combine the precision and convenient handling needed in laboratories with speed, reliability and superior optical performance. The analytical advantages: High precision polychromator systems – permanently adjusted and fixed with no moving parts Open sample compartment which accommodates all available accessories of the SPECORD® series Excellent spectral properties, fast measurement of … Continue reading


SPECORD 50 Powerful UV VIS spectrophotometer with double-beam mode due to SBT (Split Beam Technology) Reliable, versatile and robust – SPECORD® 50 combines the high energy throughput of a single-beam spectrophotometer with the stability of a double-beam instrument. The benefits are impressive: Excellent signal-to-noise ratio Incredibly fast measurements Exceptionally low detection limit High short-term and long-term stability No warm-up phase Scanning of spectra as well as measurements at fixed wavelengths All this is due to Split Beam Technology (SBT). Unlike … Continue reading

Dissolution Test

SPECORD® PLUS and dissolution test systems – easy and sophisticated The UV VIS spectrophotometers SPECORD® PLUS can be easily connected with any commercially available online dissolution test system. A multiplicity of successful installations have been implemented worldwide with the ERWEKA, ICALIS, HANSON, PHARMATEST as well as SOTAX dissolution systems. The photometers are completely integrated in the process system software of the dissolution supplier. High user satisfaction demonstrates the reliability and robustness of the installed spectrophotometers. With the advantages of the … Continue reading

Validation Kit

Kits for validating the spectrophotometer provide problem-free manual or fully automatic validation procedures with the specified filter systems, including to Ph. Eur. specifications.