UV/Vis Spectroscopy

Diode Array

SPECORD S 600/ S 300

Simultaneous high-performance diode-array spectrophotometer – precise, fast, simultaneous

The UV VIS spectrophotometers SPECORD® S 600 and SPECORD® S 300 UV VIS or S 300 VIS combine the precision and convenient handling needed in laboratories with speed, reliability and superior optical performance.

The analytical advantages:

The MCS (Multi Channel System) or MMS (Monolithic Miniature Spectrometer) optics have proven their worth based on lasting dependability in laboratory analysis as well as process analysis.

High-precision optics

These polychromator systems, designed to work without any movable components, are the heart of the SPECORD® S 600/ SPECORD® S 300. The high-precision optics consists of an aberration-corrected grating, a mechanical slit and the diode array detector. Encased in a rugged quartz-ceramic body, it is permanently adjusted, fixed and insensitive to external influences. This design ensures extremely accurate and highly reproducible results. At the same time, the SPECORD® S 600/ SPECORD® S 300 provides all the flexibility needed to solve most analytical problems. Ruggedness, thermal stability as well as its high light yield are additional advantages of the SPECORD® S 600/ SPECORD® S 300.

High-speed spectrometer

With a minimum scan rate of 12 milliseconds, from a spectral range of UV to NIR, the SPECORD® S 600/ SPECORD® S 300 offer extremely fast analyses.

Fields of application:

The SPECORD® S 300 is also ideally suited for working either only in the UV or VIS range in combination with all advantages of the diode array technique.