UV/Vis Spectroscopy

Dissolution Test

SPECORD® PLUS and dissolution test systems – easy and sophisticated

The UV VIS spectrophotometers SPECORD® PLUS can be easily connected with any commercially available online dissolution test system.

A multiplicity of successful installations have been implemented worldwide with the ERWEKA, ICALIS, HANSON, PHARMATEST as well as SOTAX dissolution systems. The photometers are completely integrated in the process system software of the dissolution supplier. High user satisfaction demonstrates the reliability and robustness of the installed spectrophotometers.

With the advantages of the photometers SPECORD® PLUS, this combination offers a sophisticated automatic test system for online UV VIS measurements.

SPECORD® 210 PLUS – Powerful double beam system with 4-fold variable slit width

SPECORD® 200 PLUS – Powerful double beam system with fixed slit width

Advantages of the photometers:

The comprehensive accessory range of the SPECORD® PLUS series provides the proper automation equipment for 1 up to 14 samples with different tempering options for online dissolution applications.

Configuration options:

The combination of two 8 cell changers allows simultaneous measurements of 8 samples each with 8 blank values as well as 14 samples and one blank value. A reliable flow trough is guaranteed thanks to a horizontally arranged adaptation for 28 tube connections at the dissolution photometer.

The WinASPECT® PLUS software and its validation program can also be used for fast and uncomplicated photometrical analyses without adaptation to a dissolution test system.